Is AWOL Academy Legit? (Big Hidden Secrets Revealed)

AWOL Academy Under Review

“$10,000 Guarantee over any 90 day period,” says AWOL Academy! Interested? Of course, you’re interested, I was too. BUT before you take your wallet out, they have some big hidden secrets that are revealed here. Is it still legit or what? You might be wondering what AWOL really means here. It’s an acronym for ‘Another … Read more

Is AmeriPlan a Scam? (A Pyramid Scheme In Disguise?)

AmeriPlan Under Review

Getting high-quality health care is expensive. AmeriPlan has a business opportunity that might be your solution. BUT is it a scam? You know, a pyramid scheme in disguise? Imagine a place where members can save hundreds of millions of dollars and make money by working at home. We all know how expensive health care is … Read more

Is Avon a Scam? (A Pyramid Scheme Or What)

Avon Is Under Review

“I tried it, I like it, I recommend it!” Is this what you hear from people selling Avon products? Some believe they’re a pyramid scheme. I thought they were a scam. BUT did you know they’re STILL going strong? Is it going to keep surviving or what? Avon is like a household name. It’s been … Read more

Is Amway Bad? (A Pyramid Scheme or What)

Amway Header

AMWAY, the grandfather of MLM IS alive and doing well. Some people think they’re a BAD company. You know, A PYRAMID SCHEME. Were they misleading people OR WHAT? My friend’s grandparents were selling Amway products and even the family construction company I was a partner in (retired now) used their grease-cutting cleaning solution in their … Read more