Is The Profit Shortcut A Scam? The Real Deal Exposed

If you’re an Average Joe and looking for shortcuts to make money, you might want to check this review of THE PROFIT SHORTCUT. It’s a SCAM – not THE REAL DEALl!

Shortcuts to making money? There are no shortcuts, no fast and easy ways to money in the internet world, especially with affiliate marketing.

I’ve been optimistic about this product under review but I found some very alarming discoveries.

First, let me just say I am not a member of The Profit Shortcut.

I also commend you for doing your research here. In my opinion, it’s a way to keep yourself from being scammed and to find legitimate online money making programs.

The Profit Shortcut – Short Review Summary

You Are Making a HUGE MistakeProduct Name: The Profit Shortcut

Founder: The Super Affiliate Network (Misha Wilson)

Product Type: Memberships Sales

Price: $28.08, $37 Monthly and Upsells to $24,997

Best For: No One


The Profit Shortcut is not a scam but it doesn’t have a system. It’s only a Landing Page to get traffic that redirects them to The Super Affiliate Challenge (SAN). There is no way to make money from this site which you can read in The Profit Shortcut’s Income Disclosure Policy. 

My Rating: 1 out of 100

Is The Profit Shortcut Recommended? NO

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What Is The Profit Shortcut?

The Profit Shortcut Video Image

The Profit Shortcut claims to have the “ultimate shortcut” to help you make $200 to over $10,000 a month.

All you have to do is just press the automated button and everything is ready for you. Poof… just like that! They say they will have your website and videos ready for you to use. 

They will even tell you it’s your opportunity to copy everything Misha has been doing to create yourself a full-time income.

Here’s the fact. The Profit Shortcut is NOT a system. It’s only a landing page so when you click on their shiny button you’re directed to Misha Wilson’s program called The Super Affiliate Network.

If you’re not familiar of The Super Affiliate Network, click here to read my review.

Inside The Profit Shortcut – Not The Real Deal!

As I said, The Profit Shortcut is not a system nor is it a program. It doesn’t have products. Its only purpose is to generate some traffic which is you and get you to pay for a membership.

That membership is your entry ticket into The Super Affiliate Network.

The Super Affiliate Network Training Modules

Once you’re inside The Super Affiliate Network, you’ll go thru the training and learn to promote their memberships, in other words, you’re recruiting people.

This is how Ace, the spoke person talking in the video, is making her money. In fact, you’ll see a lot of her on YouTube representing The Super Affiliate Network.

What’s The Catch? The Profit Shortcut’s Real Cost

In Ace’s video, she says if you sign up now, the special one-time deal is just about $1 a day for The Profit Shortcut’s membership fee which apparently gives you access to their entire system. (Remember, they don’t have a system.)

If you do the math, that will be about $365 for the year.

Next, all you have to do is just click the red arrow down below the video.

Here’s the catch!

As soon as you give them your email address, they want $28.08 (include process and handling fee) and that’s your entry fee to get inside The Profit Shortcut.

Once you’re in, NOT EVERYTHING SEEMS THE WAY YOU EXPECT IT TO BE.  You’re going to be faced with upsell after upsell.

So far, you paid $28.08 and the special one-time deal of $365 to get access to their entire system which is nothing because they don’t have a system. They have a 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if for any reason you’re not satisfied.

The next step for The Profit Shortcut is to take you inside The Super Affiliate Network and their memberships are not cheap. It’s going to cost you thousands of dollars.

Take a look at this…

Basic Membership = $37 a month.

Upsell #1 = $47 one time fee for the Newsletters

Upsell #2 = $297 for the Premium Membership to learn Solo Ads

Pro Membership = $2,997 one time fee

Maui Intensive Mentoring = $12,497 for 6 months or $24997 for 1 year

The question is, how good are you at selling and do you have the money to invest?

To make your huge commissions, you need to purchase the memberships and resell them.

This simply doesn’t make any sense. The Super Affiliate Network is supposedly into the affiliate marketing training platform. You have to spend a lot of money to make money.

They don’t have to do business this way! 

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Who is The Profit Shortcut For?

The only ones who benefit here are Misha Wilson, the Owner of The Profit Shortcut and The Super Affiliate Network.

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What I Like About The Profit Shortcut

1. 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

They have a 100% Money Back Guarantee and apparently no questions are asked but I suggest still reading their Refund Policy if you’re going to join The Profit Shortcut.

What I Don’t Like About The Profit Shortcut

1. Misleading

In the video, Ace talks about how they have pretty much 100% ready for you so you can just spend a few minutes in the morning and yet their Income Statement Disclosure talks about doing hard work.

You have to work hard with dedication and commitment

2. Costs Too Much –Upsells Are Too Expensive

There are lots of resources on the internet that you can get access to and are free.

In fact, I know of an affiliate marketing training platform. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 Recommendation and it’s FREE to join as a Starter Member with no upsells and no credit card requested. CLICK HERE!

3. There Are No Products, Just Pricey Memberships

It’s not a pyramid scheme but close to it because you’re only promoting memberships and expensive ones too.

There may be a possibility one day of The Profit Shortcut being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) because there are no products to sell.

Look at what happened to Mobe. 

FTC Shuts MOBE Down

4. You Can’t Promote Anything Else

Their “affiliate marketing” training is only to learn how to promote their memberships. You won’t learn how to promote your own niche products. 

5. Very Few People Are Making Money

The members’ testimonials are claiming they’re making big $$ and having amazing results but if you look in their Income Disclosure, it’s telling a different story.

Income Disclosure Statement Rookies Are Making Very Little

The Rookies (new people) are the majority and their average annual income is only $103.

6. Time Limit To Get The Special Deal

I’m not against time limits. For example, there are sites like Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, and even members of Wealthy Affiliate will have Black Friday Specials going on in November for about a week or so.

I don’t like the time limit in The Profit Shortcut

Is The Profit Shortcut A Scam?

The Profit Shortcut is not a scam but it’s also NOT THE REAL DEAL! Like I say, they don’t have a system.

It’s just a landing page that directs visitors to The Super Affiliate Network.

The screenshots of members making money don’t make sense according to their Income Disclosure Statement. Members are really not making the amazing amounts of money shown from the video.

Please don’t put your hard-earned money into The Profit Shortcut.

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Are you a member of The Super Affiliate Network or The Profit Shortcut? I would like to hear from you or if you have any questions or comments, it would be AWESOME if you would put them in the Comment Box below. 

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