12+ Real Affiliate Marketing Success Stories (READ PROOF!)

I asked for the PROOF AND IT’S HERE! I have 12+ REAL AFFILIATE MARKETING SUCCESS STORIES FOR YOU. Whoohoo… I’m excited to share them with you.

There are way too many scams on the internet world. I’ve been scammed myself and no one wants to lose their investment that way. Nowadays it’s hard to believe what anyone tells you.

When I heard Jerry Huang made $100k in one week from his online business, I asked him and others I’ve been following who talked about making money online to show me proof.  I’m happy to say they did just that.

First, let me just say that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online for beginners.

Why? Here are a few reasons…

  • You have no inventory to carry.
  • You can make passive long-term income for very little investment virtually anywhere in the world.
  • You can take your affiliate marketing skills into any simple niche website you desire and make your online business your prime real estate.

By the way, creating a website ain’t scary at all! It only takes less than 5 minutes to create a FREE one HERE.

Affiliate Marketing Business Model

Affiliate marketing in layman terms is simply the process of earning commissions when you promote and sell other peoples’ or companies’ products.

For instance, let’s say you’re passionate about doing photography, you can promote certain types of digital cameras from Amazon or from other brand name companies like Best Buy, Target, and Amazon for example.

Imagine just taking one simple idea and turning that into a profitable online business.

There’s no limit to what you can do. You can even make your own products or build your own online course and sell them.

However, to do this you need to get access to a proven online internet/affiliate marketing training platform that has all the right tools, support, and resources showing how to sell products and make consistent money online.

The platform I’m talking about will show there is absolutely no limit to what you can do. 

12+ Real Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

I’m really thrilled to show you some proof of how much money can be made from real people like you and me.

Interestingly, they only have 2 things in common…

  • They all work extremely hard.
  • They are all student members of Wealthy Affiliate’s online affiliate marketing training platform and have taken their training by completing each lesson and tasks. They still learn and grow their online business while helping other members reach their goals too.

Let’s take a look at these Wealthy Affiliate students. Are you ready for living proof?

#1. Jerryhuang (Jerry), $100k in 1 Week

Jerry is a college dropout from Taiwan. He was never interested in pursuing traditional education instead he wanted to have his own online business.

In May 2016, he started his online business using the training at Wealthy Affiliate. At the young age of 21, he’s now a full-time affiliate marketer and living his dream lifestyle.

In January 2018, he took the ‘fast forward’ Super Affiliate Challenge course from Wealthy Affiliate. In February, he saw his income grow in a matter of 13 months.

Even his organic traffic increased from 141.72% in February 2018 compared to his previous month.

Jerry's organic traffic increase

In November 2018 he reported his October update with an income-earning of $6.2K. You can see his proof here…

Jerry's  October 2018 Monthly Update

Read Jerry's Success Story Here

The moment you’ve been waiting for! On March 23, 2019, Jerry announced he made $100k in a week. He attributes his success from the training he received with Wealthy Affiliate.

He applied those skills he learned which opened the doors for him to think outside the box. The monies he made allowed him to access other resources.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? He has the proof on this $100k.

Jerry made over $100K in a week

Read Jerry's Success Story Here

His secret is learning and applying the knowledge from Wealthy Affiliate to his online business and staying focused on working hard.

#2. RD40 (Ralph), a 6-Figure Earner

Ralph was a part-time kickboxer instructor and personal trainer. He lived at home trying to pay off his huge credit card debt.

He joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2016 and went through all the training.

After 27 months, in 2018, he earned an incredible total of $110,184.01 which made him a 6-figure earner. 

For instance, in October 2018, he earned $23,651.40 and in November he earned $15, 765.97, and more, and then in December, he made $24,369.30.

For proof, you’ll want to look at this and even read his other articles too.

Ralph has officially a six figure business 2018 year end report

Read Ralph's Success Story Here

Of course, he paid off his debt and doing everything he’s been dreaming of. He clearly gives his credit to the affiliate marketing training offered by Wealthy Affiliate. He says if he can do it you can too.

#3. Mday849 (Michael), Success In Just 9 Months

Before Michael joined Wealthy Affiliate in October 2017, he was a forklift operator working in a warehouse.

In a matter of 8 to 9 months, Michael earned a total of $2,826 just from the Wealthy Affiliate training. He expects that by the end of the 9th month, he’ll easily exceed $3,000.

Michael makes $2,826 in Wealthy Affiliate Commissions

Read Michael's Success Story Here

Like many student members of the training community, he’s diversified his online businesses and built more than 1 niche website, 4 in fact and nurtures them all. He’s now his own boss and sets his own work hours.

With all of his websites together he’s making a lot more commissions a month.

#4. Freebird2112 (Kirk), $10,407 Part-Time

Kirk joined January 2016 with Wealthy Affiliate.

He’s been driving an 18 wheeler all over the country for 11 years and still doing that.

After spending a wee bit of time learning how to use his laptop, he’s so committed to his online business that he makes sure he does his pickups and deliveries early and then uses the extra time to go through the lessons.

I was quite inspired after reading his success story of how he earned $10,407 part-time from January to July 1, 2019. He’s probably still on the road driving because I haven’t heard an update from him and I’m anxious to hear his last 6 months report with proof. 

Kirk is working part-ttime and Wealthy Affiliate paid him over 9k

Read Kirk's Success Story Here

He says he has “Nothing but Gratitude” for Wealthy Affiliate.

#5. Byronbrewer (Bryon), $40k in One Weekend

A member since August 2012, Byron went all out since completing his training with Wealthy Affiliate and is still quite an active student.

He went beyond his comfort zone and even with doubt to his success, he still went ahead with the lessons and in 2014 went full-time online.

Find out how Bryon made $40k in one weekend…

Bryon made 40k in one weekend

Read Bryon's Success Story Here

He’s now a 7-figure online business entrepreneur and it all started with his training with Wealthy Affiliate.

Over the years, he has written tons of tips on affiliate marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help thousands of students. 

#6. LittleMama (Grace), A Stay-At-Home Mom is Really Rockin’

I call Grace my Wonder Woman.

She’s been with Wealthy Affiliate since June 2016. Even with a full-time job looking after her family she still manages to make time to learn and work hard on her online business.

In 2018, she made $40K just from taking Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate marketing training. She has many other success stories to share giving members inspiration and motivation to work harder. She even had time to make videos showing how she was achieving her successes.

On August 6th, 2019, Grace announced her new record of earning $1,300+ per day. 

With the Black Friday sale (November) going on in the training platform, you can hear the “ka ching”… sound of commissions rolling in for her. In one day just now, Grace made over $1,000.

Grace made $100+ affiliate commissions all day long

Read Grace's Story Here Now

#7. Vitaliy, Almost $50k

Take a look at Vitaliy’s proof of how he made almost $50K and he made this in 2015 just by promoting this training platform.  He’s not one to share his income but he did this time only to show you can make this full-time with any niche.

Vitaliy proves you can make a full time income promoting Wealthy Affiliate

Read Vitaliy's Success Story Here

Vitaliy has been around a long time in Wealthy Affiliate, since September 2007 and has helped me numerous times.

He also went through the training and as a result has been a full-time online entrepreneur for a while now. With his intense knowledge of SEO, he doesn’t hesitate to offer all kinds of helpful tips and advice in the training platform. 

#8. Ericcantu (Eric), $7.072.50 in One Month

Eric is really passionate about travelling and as a retired firefighter, he wanted an online business that would bring income to allow him to travel anywhere in the world.

He joined Wealthy Affiliate in January 2017.

In May 2017, he received his first cheque of $254.00 from Wealthy Affiliate. From that point on, Eric has been consistently making income and made as much as $7,072.50 on December 1, 2018.

In fact, Eric became one of the top earners in 2018 and 2019 earning him an all-paid trip to Wealthy Affiliate’s Super Affiliate Conference in Vegas.

If you look at his profile and his articles, you can see he’s been living his dream lifestyle of travelling and still earns commissions even while he sleeps. He’ll tell you that you don’t be afraid to take action.

Read Eric's Success Story

Read Eric's Success Story Here

#9. Eddy Salomon (known as Eddy with a y), $100k Part-Time

Eddy started making money in the early ’90s but it wasn’t much.

When he joined Wealthy Affiliate in June 2007, wow, things changed in his life. Only working on his online business part-time, his blogs have helped him earn $100+k in 2018.

Eddy earned over $100K part time in 2018

Read Eddy's Success Story Here

Eddy has other success stories I know you’ll definitely want to read on his profile. 

He has a wealth of SEO knowledge and enjoys helping companies increase their profits so much that he’s now doing consulting and is also a full-time Director of SEO strategy for a large fortune 100 company.

Eddy loves helping people on this platform and his tip to you is to take action on the training.

#10. TonyHamilton, 9 Weeks 105 Sales

Tony joined Wealthy Affiliate June 2015 but he’s been earning income online since 2009.

He’s another student member who completed his training with Wealthy Affiliate.  I enjoy following Tony because he always thinks outside the box

With his many success stories and tips, one of my favourite ones is his post on November 10, 2019. Read what he has to say about his 105 sales in 9 weeks making him $1000 on an affiliate program he recently joined.

Read Tony's Success Story Here

Read Tony's Success Story Here

Because of his training with Wealthy Affiliate, he’s become a more polished and confident online affiliate marketer. He also promotes the training platform.

One of Tony’s other source of income is Wealthy Affiliate.

Tony's Payday is today at Wealthy Affiliate

Read Tony's Success Story Here

What does he think of Wealthy Affiliate? He says “WA is awesome”.

#11. Nathaniell, $12K and a Commission From Amazon

Nathaniell has been with Wealthy Affiliate since June 2010 and he’s another student member who doesn’t share his success stories often.

However, I did find this one… in December of 2018, he made $12k and it included a commission from Amazon. See his proof here and read his exciting story!

Nathaniell made $12k for Christmas 2019 and actionable advice

Read Nathaniell's Success Story Here

He even has all kinds of juicy tips in his beer niche website.

Nathaniell, like many of the members, has more than 1 website business. He builds one site, he’ll let it marinade with lots of quality articles and will sometimes sell them.

#12. Dylanrieger (Dylan), Sold His Website For $40k

Dylan joined Wealthy Affiliate August 2015 and diligently went through the training. He built up his site to where he was generating lots of quality content and traffic.

On April 30, 2018, he checked on Flippers to see what his website business was worth. You won’t believe this but he sold it for $40k. Exciting? 

Dylan's Website sold for 40k

Read Dylan's Success Story Here

He used some of the money to do more product researching, came up with ideas and created another website.

It wasn’t long when he received an email in March 2019 from the same purchaser wondering if he had another site for sale. After showing him his website he created in May 2018 he sold that one for $30k.

Read his story!

Did you know there are online entrepreneurs who make a living selling websites? You can do that too!

BUT in order to do what Dylan did, you need to first learn how to generate sales and traffic for your website. Find out here now!  

#13. JohnMks (John), $3,700 In One Day

John joined Wealthy Affiliate in May 2015.

On January 29, 2019, he announced making $3,700+ in 1 day from affiliate earnings. Quite impressive, yes?

If you look at his profile, you can see how he’s been steadily increasing his income.

On March 13, 2019, he made his highest affiliate commission of $6,582+ from just one sale…wow!

Read his inspirational story…

John makes his new record of his highest affiliate commissions $6,582

Read John's Success Story Here

Ready To Create Your Own Success Stories?

These are just a few success stories from the student members I follow inside Wealthy Affiliate’s online training platform.

The truth is there are 1,000’s of other success stories here, some large, some very small. The stories I shared with you are from some of the members I follow.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005, and it’s owned by Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim. Both of them bring years of online affiliate marketing experience. The platform is a community of over 1.5 million students from all over the world.

We are all friendly members of this community learning and helping each other.

If you’re new to internet marketing, I can assure you that Affiliate Marketing is the EASIEST way to make money online.

The majority of the students in Wealthy Affiliate are and were complete newbies. The lessons are step by step in text and video format with tasks that build up your website business. 

One of the cool things about Wealthy Affiliate is you can earn while you learn. 

What really impresses me here is you can see many of these students have been around a long time and that is a real testimony to how they feel about Wealthy Affiliate. They have their own passionate niche website business and market affiliate products.

When I decided to join, I took them on their 10 lessons for FREE and they didn’t ask me for my credit card information. It’s RISK-FREE!

Here’s what I learned for free…

What you will learn in your FREE 10 lessons

I’ll be there for you on the inside. I’ll be your mentor and coach.

Let me leave you with this thought, if you never take a chance, you’ll never take action. If you don’t take action, you’ll always be where you are in life.

BUT if you take a chance and believe you can do this training, I know you will create something amazing and beautiful.

There are no requirements to do this other than a computer and internet access.

CLICK HERE - Ultimate Guide To Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

I hope you have been inspired by the real success stories I shared with you. Read my guide and if you have any questions or comments please put them in the Comment box below and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Very interesting post Monica. It is great that people were able to provide proof of their experiences as there are many skeptical people about the possibility of earning money online. What amazes me is those who want to make money with no effort at all. It is a business and we should treat it as a business. Effort and dedication can make you meet your goals and perhaps excel in your expectations. Continue success!

    • Hi Heriberto,

      Thank you for coming to my website and reading the real success stories.

      There are definitely many ways to make real money online without being scammed. You’re right, having a real business, whether it’s a local business or an online business is still a business and needs to be treated like that. Too many people want to push a magic button and think they’re going to make untold fortunes without putting any work effort in. Unfortunately, they are the ones who get scammed.

      Yes, these are real success stories from Wealthy Affiliate’s training platform… many members are achieving successes, some large, some small. The point is, once your articles start ranking in search engines, and your articles offer helpful information, it’s quite easy to make commissions.

      Thanks again for stopping by! Please take care and stay well!



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