What Is Local Client Takeover? FREE Make Money Course

Right now, internet marketers are craving any kind of free training that will help them rank their websites so they can make money in this crazy internet world we live in. What is Local Client Takeover about and are they a scam?

I was in the middle of researching my next product to review when I discovered this free training created by experts who are making over 7 figures online. 

AND guess what, there is NO Catch! Of course, this perked my interest and I had to check them out.

In this review, I’ll tell you what they do, who they are, what’s inside their training platform, pros and cons and much more. I’ll tell you if their business model is the best way to learn how to make money.

First, let me tell you I’m not associated with Local Client Takeover and so I will not be selling you anything. I’ve done hundreds of reviews to help people like you make informed decisions.

I also want to commend you for doing your research here because it’s how you can find legitimate ways of making money online without being scammed.

As I dig into this review, you’ll discover why I recommend Local Client Takeover’s free training. 

Local Client Takeover Summary

Image of students taking Local Client Take courses

Product Name: Local Client Takeover

Founder: Chaz Edwards and Partner Mark Lukenbaugh

Product Type: SEO Courses and Local Marketing Training

Who Is It For? Digital marketers who want to learn how to be a local agency owner

Price: FREE Courses and Services (Fees)

Summary: Local Client Takeover is a legitimate free training platform with a lot of useful information on SEO and marketing techniques. The coaches have tons of knowledge in their respective fields and so you will definitely learn from their free courses. They also have SEO services at a charge to help clients with local businesses outrank their competitors.

The main downfall I see is some of their free courses are in production mode and so you have no access to them. 

Rating: 80/100

Is Local Client Takeover Recommended? Yes

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This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclosure page. The opinions expressed here are my own.

What is Local Client Takeover About?

Image of what Local Client Takeover is about

Local Client Takeover is a website launched in 2014 by the founder, Chaz Edwards along with his partner, Mark Lukenbaugh. They help local internet marketers and agencies who want to help local clients grow their businesses to 7 figures+. 

The people behind this created these free online training courses for SEO success taken from their experiences and skills in internet marketing. 

In addition to the free courses, they provide other specialized SEO services at a cost.

Twice a year, they have their live mastermind presentation which I’ll discuss further below and in my opinion, it’s worth paying for it if you want the tips from the best SEO gurus.  

During my research, I discovered they had other past courses which there is no point in giving specific details.

The past courses are:

  • Local Profit Breakthrough – How to rank websites, profit market research, etc.
  • Final Frontier – No description of the course
  • LCT Live 7 Figures or Bust – This was a live presentation in Vegas on how to build a sustainable business

According to Local Client Takeover, they have helped not only hundreds of local marketers but also helped dozens of people successfully launch their own agencies throughout the U.S.A.  

Who is Local Client Takeover Suited For?

Personally, I don’t feel Local Client Takeover is suitable for people who are new to internet marketing.

If you’ve been in this internet industry for a while and perhaps struggling in your online business or trying to help your local businesses get traffic then these courses and services may be beneficial to you.

Local Client Takeover has free courses that teach how to rank websites for local businesses. Yes, you can even make a career out of this by learning how to outdo competitors and even bring new customers for their clients.

Who Are The People Behind Local Client Takeover?

Image of the key people behind Local Client Takeover
The key people behind Local Client Takeover

Some of the key gurus behind the Local Client Takeover are:

  • Chaz Edwards
  • Mark Lukenbaugh
  • Michael Milas
  • Jessie Taylor
  • Jonathan Kaufman

Chaz Edwards (Google My Business and Local SEO)

Chaz is the founder of Local Client Takeover and Google My Business (GMB) coach. He got into SEO in 2010 while being an entrepreneur in his locksmith niche. His numerous online and offline businesses helped set him off to become a real SEO expert.

Not only does he currently manage over 700 Google My Business (GMB) Listings but more recently, he launched his Local Viking, a GMB software.

Mark Lukenbaugh (Agency Growth and Sales)

Mark is also the partner of Local Client Takeover and he’s one of the coaches.

On top of that, he’s busy managing one of the largest local Facebook marketing groups (Local SEO Community). Because of his SEO expertise, he has impressively helped businesses achieve multiple 6 and 7 figures.

Mark is also a co-founder of The Lab, an exclusive mastermind and coaching experience for those who are serious to take their business to 7 figures+. 

Jessie Taylor (GMB Consultant)

Jessie brings with her tons of local SEO experience having managed over 2,500+ Google My Business campaigns.

Michael Milas (Agency Automation)

Michael is the Senior SEO Strategist. He held an impressive #1 rank for Chicago SEO for many years. 

Jonathan Kaufman: (Media Buying Coach). Unfortunately, I was not able to find anything about Jonathan’s real SEO or media buying experiences other than the knowledge of his title as Media Buying Coach.

What’s Inside Local Client Takeover?

Local Client Takeover offers free courses and specialized SEO services at a cost. I’ll start with the free ones:

There are a total of 5 free courses listed as follows:

  1. GMB (Google My Business) SEO Specialist (FREE)
  2. Link Building Mastery (FREE)
  3. Facebook Local Ads (FREE)
  4. 7 Figure Agency Takeover (FREE)
  5. Profitable Local Google Ads (FREE)

The courses are regularly updated which is important because of rapid advances in internet technology.

Here is some information regarding the free courses:

#1. Google My Business (GMB) SEO Specialist (14 Lessons and 80+ Videos) – FREE

This course is free presented by Chaz and covers the basics of everything you need to know about Google My Business, such as:

Image of what's inside the Google My Business SEO Specialist free course

His teachings are designed to help novice local SEOs become an expert in local SEO.

#2. Link Building Mastery (10 Videos) – FREE

This course is also taught by Chaz. It gives you an idea of what link building is about and why it’s so important to have in your marketing strategy. It consists of the following:

Image of Local Client Takeover's Link Building Mastery list of lessons

#3. Facebook Local Ads (IN PRODUCTION) – FREE

Unfortunately, you are not able to have access to this course because it’s currently in production. There is no completion date. 

The teaching strategy is focused on how to run successful marketing campaigns (targeting and bidding) for your local clients using local search engine optimization along with promotional strategies.

These Facebook local ads are just another way to bring leads in faster but you must be able to have a good chunk of money available to do this. 

In my online business, I don’t do paid ads because I get all my traffic for FREE through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with doing paid ads but you have to have a lot of money to do this and also have excellent training which hopefully this course when completed will provide that.

#4. 7 Figure Agency Takeover (IN PRODUCTION) – FREE

Unfortunately, you are not able to have access to this course because it’s currently in production. There is no completion date. 

When it is completed, you will learn everything on how to build and manage your own agency from receiving recurring payments to invoicing. This includes learning the sales strategies and automation systems to up your business to 7 figures

#5. Profitable Local Google Ads (IN PRODUCTION) – FREE

Unfortunately, you are not able to have access to this course because it’s also currently in production and there is no completion date. 

Once you are given access to it, you’ll learn to set up and run Pay Per Click Marketing Campaigns (PPC) for your clients which will greatly increase their leads for them especially if they have a new site.

What’s a PPC?

This is where advertisers come and pay a certain fee whenever one of their ads is clicked by your readers.


Image of Local Client Takeover Facebook Page

From what I can see, the Local Client Takeover has a little over 500 followers on their Facebook Page and 2 groups that joined. The Local SEO Community is the big one with over 4300 members which Mark Lukenbaugh manages.

Unfortunately, though, I don’t see much activity on it from the followers. Also, the postings don’t appear to be current at all. 

YouTube Channel

Local Client Takeover has a large following in their YouTube Channel
Local Client Takeover has a decent number of subscribers on their YouTube Channel. with about 96 videos from interesting tutorials, some testimonials about them and other videos from 7-figure masterminds.

Here’s an interesting video by Mark on Selecting Your Niche… it’s worth listening to.

Local Client Takeover SEO Services With Fees

#1. Limited Access SEO Mind ($$$$)

Image of Local Client Takeover's Limited Access SEO Mind paid course
This is a get-together of the SEO masterminds at $$$$

This Limited Access SEO Mind is hosted by Chaz and Mark every 6 months in the United States. 

It’s the gathering of the masterminds of world-class SEOs and 7 figure gurus on topics around SEO, Agency hacking and the latest tactics in the internet world. They also have a best of the best SEO guest speaker. 

The presentation also includes an interesting 7-figure network opportunity.

The cost is unknown because it’s based on the location in the states but I feel it’s well worth looking into especially if you’re really serious about improving your knowledge in local SEO or want to own your own local agency.

The rest of the Local Client Takeover services are in specialized SEO techniques and are broken into four areas.

#1. Local Listings Services:

  • Monthly Entity Signals Service ($55 – $100 Monthly)

This improves your SEO results by helping your company’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone) signals receive better organic search rankings which create more leads and traffic.

  • Local Data Aggregators Submission Service ($70 – $90 One Time Payment)

In this service, you can submit your business data to more diversified listing sites.

  • Business Listings ($1.50/Listing & $280 Bundle)

These are for your business NAP listings.

  • Niche Business Listings (USA & UK Niche Citations $3 each)

Your business gets listed in the most relevant directories for your industry. Citations will be used which are information specific to your business like name, address, etc.

  • Citation Audit (Full Audit $20 a scan & Full Audit With Cleanup $200)

This service looks for your competitor citations, NAP inconsistencies, and missed citations and the Cleanup repairs everything.

#2. Local Branding Services

  • Social Accounts ( Creation $1 each – $309 Complete Brand Accelerator 100 social accounts)

This service is where you can get your business profiled and optimized for SEO.

Local Client Takeover will create and manage your social media accounts for you and ensure all your information is available on social media.

  • Web 2.0 Brand Links ($2.50 each – $309 for 50 brand links on 100 social accounts)

Here, you can get one-time or recurring backlinks to your site.

  • Local Press Release ($60 each – $309 on 100 social accounts)

This could be an interesting service if you want Google News to do Press releases.

  • Brand Booster ($99 – $309 on 100 social accounts)

This service is about funnel-linking your social accounts to boost traffic.

#3. Link Building Services

  • High Traffic Posts ($125 each 3k+ MonthlyTraffic – $175 each 7k+ Monthly Traffic)

This service will get traffic and increase your rank.

  • Niche Edits ($225 per 5 links – $655 Accelerator Bundle includes 10 Niche Edits)

These are editorial niche links that can be purchased in bulk, one-time, or recurring.

  • General PBN (Private Blog Network) Backlinks ($10 per link – $655 Niche Link Accelerator)

These are tried and tested backlinks.

  • PBN Map Embeds ($12 per link – $280 Business Citation Accelerator includes 10 PBN Map Embeds)

These are valuable location signals throughout your brand site on the content they provide with optimized keywords. These links have the maps embedded in them.

#4. Local Networks Services

  • Google Stack Network ($145 each with 3 stacks) or ($695 Network Accelerator for 4 networks)

This is where Google hosts and gives safe backlinking to your website. It gets your content ranking higher and manages your site reputation to help boost your rankings, test competitor sites and new markets.

  • Local GEO Network ($200)

This technique helps your GMB listings rank higher.

  • Niche Network ($200)

Local Client Takeover’s niche networks are supposed to help your site rank in search engines on your specific niche, set up your social media accounts and ensure your content is keyword-optimized

  • Brand Network ($200)

Using the web 2.0 blog networks, this service provides more awareness to your site.

This concludes Local Client Takeout’s services. There’s definitely more description in each of the above but I just wanted to give you a general idea of what their services are about.

What’s The Cost of Local Client Takeover’s Courses?

Local Client Takeover’s courses are all FREE except for the Limited Access SEO Mind which takes place every 6 months. The price for it varies on location throughout the USA.

The FREE courses are definitely something you should take in my opinion because the coaches Chaz and Mark are proven experts in the SEO, link building and local agency field. You will learn a lot!

There’s another area that presents you with more advanced courses but they come with a price tag and unfortunately, by invitation only.

Can You Make Money From Local Client Takeover’s Offers?

The answer is yes, if you are a digital marketer, you can make money from their 2 free courses but how much you’ll make is based on how hard you’re willing to learn and work.

The only magic button here is if you pay for Local Client Takeover’s specialized SEO services and get them to do the work. To do this, be prepared to have money to invest.

It also depends on your niche and if you follow the video above, you’ll get an insight into the importance of selecting a niche.

I would also research local businesses.

What I Like About Local Client Takeover

FREE Courses

As of the date of this review, you’ll be receiving tons of free information from Chaz on the Google My Business SEO Specialist and the Link Building Mastery courses.

Imagine getting a total of 14 lessons and 90 videos for free from local SEO experts who will help you become more knowledgeable in local marketing and SEO techniques.

You’ll get an idea of what courses to take down the road and how much to invest should you decide to pursue this further by taking their paid courses.

As an internet marketer or entrepreneur, you could very well make this a profitable career for yourself just by learning free knowledge.

✅ Support Group

Local Client Takeover has a private Facebook group. The idea is to have members ask questions there and interact with other members and the owners and coaches. 

What I Don’t Like – The Uglies!

メ Still Work For Other Companies

The way I see this, with Local Client Takeover, you are working for other companies because you’re ranking their website and bringing new business for them. You are helping them make money.

No Guarantee Of Their Strategies To Work

Because of the fast-paced technology and fierce competition along with the constant updates from Google algorithms and new rules, there are very few successful internet marketers who are able to keep up with the trends. 

This means that the owners of Local Client Takeover’s courses cannot guarantee you as their student member to achieve the same successes as theirs. 

Some Incomplete Course Programs

There are only 2 out of 5 completed free course programs, the Google My Business SEO Specialist and the Link Building Mastery. 

The good part about the course programs is that they’re independent of each other meaning you can take the courses in any order. 

Specialized SEO Services Are Expensive

Be cautious of what you spend on Local Client Takeover’s services. It can add up very quickly. After you take the free courses, decide on what you feel you can do on your own, for example, setting up and managing social media accounts for your client.

I recommend checking out Google’s free digital training courses first before you pay for their services. You might discover you can do a lot of their services on your own or just be more educated.

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Is Local Client Takeover a Scam? – My Final Thoughts

Local Client Takeover provides free legitimate courses to internet marketers.

The instructors and owners have plenty of skills and knowledge in their own areas of expertise and so the quality of the training in the two available courses is good enough to provide you with helpful information for free.

I feel comfortable in saying that you will be able to have access to the rest of their free courses soon.

Be careful how much you spend on Local Client Takeover’s specialized SEO services and also consider taking some of Google’s free digital training courses.

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Thank you for reading my review of Local Client Takeover and I hope you found the information useful.

If you have any questions, please put them in the Comment Box below and I promise to get back to you.

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