What is EnerSource International About? THIS IS SHOCKING!

Are you looking for ways to make money online? Looking for a life change and wondering what is EnerSource International about? This is a review of the company where I will reveal all the shocking truths.

I’ll tell you what it is and if you can actually make money with this company’s business opportunity. I’ll describe the products, the pros and cons, and more.

First, I want to say that I am totally unaffiliated with EnerSource International so relax and know that I am not here to sell you their products. 

I will say that I am quite familiar with their business model, having been a sales representative for several companies selling candles, health and wellness and skincare products.

I also would like to commend you for taking the time to do your research here because it’s the only way to find legitimate ways to make money online.

Let’s get started…

EnerSource International Review Summary 

Product Name: EnerSource International 

Founder: Linden Wood

Product Type: Health and Wellness (MLM)

Price: $49 and $249 USD

Best For: Anyone who enjoys recruiting and Multi-Level Marketing

Summary: EnerSource International is a legitimate MLM company operating only in the United States. The quality of their health and wellness products is questionable, as there is no sign of third-party testing. It is difficult to tell if their sales reps are successful in earning income because there are no income statements to disclose. You have to spend at least $100 a month if you want to make money.

My Rating: 20/100

Is EnerSource International Recommended? No!

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What is EnerSource?

EnerSource International is a relatively new MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company founded by Linden Wood in 2016. The company manufactures its own health and wellness products. 

Their headquarters is in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. 

EnerSource International  Financial Freedom image

A few things about Linden Wood…

Linden has over 20 years of network marketing (MLM) experience in training and leading people to be successful in their own MLM businesses. 

Years ago, Linden self-taught himself on network marketing and public speaking through books and audios from successful leaders like Tony Robbins.

He became the top network marketer with Excel Communications, a now-defunct MLM telecommunications company. Excel was rated amongst the top 5 US long-distance carriers. In just 3 years of being with Excel, Linden had over 100,000 sales reps. In 2007, he was making $500,000 a month. 

Still, Linden wanted his own network company and thus began the creation of EnerSource International. 

He founded EnerGreens Inc in 2001 which produces EnerGreens Essentials. This company developed over 40 different nutritional products and apparently sold millions of them to fitness franchise centres throughout the states. 

Inside EnerSource – The Products

Image of EnerSource's products

EnerSource does not a great variety of products here and are listed under the following categories:

  • B-12 and O2
  • EnerGreens Plus Essential Packs
  • KetoSource
  • CBD Source
  • EnerGreen Essentials
  • Daily Essential Packs
  • SuperNutrient
  • Weight Loss Shake

The prices shown below are retail USD and in my opinion, overpriced. You can buy them cheaper through their Autoship Plan. 

The Autoship Plan, if you’re not familiar with the MLM industry, is when you commit to having products automatically delivered to your home or business each month. To be honest with you, this is how MLM companies like EnerSource make their fortunes. 

Getting back to the products…

B-12 and O2 ($29 – $35): 

The only product under this category is EnerLight Vitamin D in liquid form of pure vitamin D3. It’s to boost your immune system and absorb calcium. 

EnerGreens Plus Essentials Packs ($79 – $120): 

These are powdered SuperFoods that are plant-based with over 50 super rich nutrients. They’re gluten free, have antioxidants, and are 100% organic. It’s supposed to help control your body acidity. 

KetoSource ($84 – $169): 

If you’re on a ketogenic diet, you might want to check this out. 

Even when you’re not consistent on following the diet, this product is supposed to help you maintain your weight loss while still providing you with good fats. 

It’s also gluten free, soy and aspartame free. Autoship $79.95, retail $89.95. 2 paks autoship $169.95, retail $179.95 

CBD Source ($50 – $60): 

These are CBD tinctures. The bottle has 600mg full CBD spectrum (30ml bottle). The carrier is hemp seed. 

The product is made from concentrated cannabinoids hemp that’s organically grown in Colorado. It’s supposed to have no colouring, flavouring or additives. Autoship price is $49.99 with a retail price of $59.99.

SuperNutrient ($35 – $40): 

These are made up of dietary vitamins and mineral supplements in easy to swallow capsules. ($34.99 autoship price and retail price is $39.99)

Daily Essential Packs ($30 – $45): 

These packs are made up of the company’s SuperFood, SuperNutrient, and Energfx products. 

Energfx is supposed to be helpful in calming your stomach acids. ($29.99 autoship price and retail price is $34.99) 

Meal Replacement Weight Loss Shake ($65 – $69): 

The shake is supposed to be gluten free, aspartame and soy free. It contains 24 grams of protein per scoop and helps lower your body fat. (autoshp $59.99 retail $69.99) 

Here’s a video to learn more about EnerSource International…

A video of EnerSource International’s powdered EnerGreens Plus supplement

Do The Products Work? 

I always like to check what the customers and sales reps are saying but to no avail I was not successful in obtaining anything of real value. 

I checked YouTube and they only have 1 video……, BBB (Better Business Bureau), the company’s Facebook Page, Amazon, and Trust Pilot.

I checked EnerSource’s website and here are some of their testimonials:

This 1st testimonial is from their Senior Team Coordinator (sales rep):

Testimonial found on EnerSource's website from a Senior Team

The next 3 testimonials are on EnerGreens SuperFood..

Image of 3 testimonials on EnerSource's website on the products

The testimonies above were found on their websites and should only be taken with a grain of salt. While it was written by a Senior Team Coordinator, it’s still not real proof. 

Some things to think about in regards to EnerSource’s products before you decide to join…

I noticed on their website, they don’t have a disclaimer statement regarding FDA so I would think twice about purchasing their products. Not having that inclusion means they don’t have to prove how safe their products are or whether they really work or not. 

A word about the EnerSource’s CBD Tinctures…They talk about their CBD as being clean and pure but there is no mention about who the 3rd party testing agent is. There’s just a tiny blurb that seems to indicate they’ve been tested. 

If you’re interested in high quality and proven tested CBD products, check out my review on CBD BioCare

Making Money With EnerSource – The Business Opportunity

This company follows the traditional MLM industry model for offering their business opportunity. If you want to make money with them, they will offer the following 2 ways:

  1. Sell their products at retail prices and earn the difference when you purchase them at wholesale prices.
  1. Recruit, recruit, and keep recruiting people to your downline.

Your MLM marketing strategy is to use social media, word of mouth, and home parties.

How to Get Started With EnerSource and Their Compensation Plan?

Unfortunately, there’s not much information on their website.

The company doesn’t share much detail on their website regarding a joining fee. From what I can determine through my research is they give you 2 MLM compensation plans to choose from. This is how you join their business opportunity and be their sales rep:

  1. Compensation Plan 1 – Force Matrix
  2. Compensation Plan 2 – Up Front Sales Commissions

Let’s look at these individually…

1) Compensation Plan 1 – Force Matrix ($49)

On their website they only describe this plan as:

EnerSource's Compensation Plan 1 on their Force Matrix

That’s not much information is it and they want you to pay $49 upfront before you get the full details.

Here’s an example of what the company’s Force Matrix looks like…

EnerSource's Force Matrix layout of their 2x12 structure

Force Matrix parameters are based on the width x the depth.

Apparently, EnerSource’s Force Matrix is a 2 x 12 structure. This means as you recruit new members, you’ll fill up the 12 positions/levels down.

So, as a sales rep you can recruit 2 new members as your immediate frontline sales reps, one on your left leg and one on your right leg. 

The 2nd level you get to add 2 more new members on each leg. This means you have 4 members on level 2 and so on. 

Any other additional new sales reps are positioned further down like for example, into a second level under another sales rep of your organization. There are a total of 12 levels deep like in a MLM binary plan.

A spillover means you can change your downline recruitment to a certain extent.

The Force Matrix also means you can earn commissions based on your team’s sales volumes. 

How much commission can you earn? This is unclear on EnerSource’s site. 

2) Compensation Plan 2 – Up Front Sales Commissions ($249)

The 2nd option to join is the Compensation Plan 2 – Up Front Sales Commissions and AGAIN it lacks information. 

It basically tells you the following:

EnerSource's Compensation Plan 2 explanation on their Up Front Commissions

From what I understand after doing further research, this 2nd plan seems to include the benefits of the 1st compensation plan. 

The compensation plan 2 basically says you need to spend $150 of products or sell that much to earn commissions but it doesn’t tell you if that’s monthly, which I suspect it is. Again… you don’t know what the upfront commission rate really is. 

Even the “customer sales commissions of up to 100%” is not clear. I wonder what the minimum commission rate is and what the rules are to get the 100% rate.

I hope I didn’t confuse you… all MLM compensation plans are ALWAYS COMPLEX, and I really don’t think most sales reps fully understand them.

One thing for sure, with EnerSource, you have to PAY FIRST TO PLAY if you want to earn commissions.

If you want to maximize your MLM compensation earnings, you’ll definitely want to join their Compensation Plan 2, the $249. 

Wait… You’re Not Done Yet!

First, an MLM terminology.

BV (Business Volume):

A common practice with every MLM company. Every product you buy at wholesale price has points attached to it. 

With EnerSource, when they say 99 BV, they want you to buy products that total to a minimum of 99BV. 

CAUTION: This is where you’ll easily go over your spending budget and even end up with inventory buildup.This has happened to me.

Ok, now to continue…

After you join there are 3 obligations you must accomplish:

1) Sell or purchase a minimum of $99 of products or earn 99 BV every month.

  • You must also order the company’s nutrition samples. 

2) Take your training online asap. 

  • Every Tuesday and Wednesday, you must be involved in their Basics training and all-reps conference. 
  • Get your upline to provide you with additional training.

3) Team Building

  • Make a list of people you know.
  • Schedule your product presentation with help from your upline.
  • Schedule your calls to invite your prospects to your presentations.
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No matter which plan you choose to join under, EnerSource’s Compensation Plan is complex and it will require you to do a lot of recruiting, buy products, get your team to build their downline.

You also have a good possibility of building up inventory BEFORE you can start to make money. 

Pros – The Good Parts

I don’t have much to say here…

Active in Facebook

The company appears active on Facebook with a small following of 901 followers. There are lots of recipes, product promos, and health tips on nutrients. 

I haven’t seen any testimonials there.

In Depth Training

As a new Sales Rep, you must be involved in their online Basic training scheduled every Tuesday and every Wednesday the company has their live conference which all sales reps are required to participate in. 

100% No Risk Promise

In the event you don’t like the company’s product(s) after using it, you can apply to get your refund in full less shipping costs. 

EnerSource's 100% No-Risk Promise statement

Cons – The Ugly Truths

Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!

The only way you’ll earn a decent amount of money is to recruit a lot of people to your downline. This is why EnerSource requires you to make a list of your prospects. You’ll end up putting your friends’ and family names in first.

To keep that list built up, you’ll ask them to give you their friends names, and it goes on and on… maybe!

You need the list so you can contact each one to schedule a home or an online virtual party. 

No Income Disclosure

There is nothing to measure how the company’s sales reps are doing in terms of earnings and the level of achievements. 

Would you pay to join something not knowing the success level?

The income disclosure is not necessarily required in the states but in Canada where I live, it certainly is.  It helps people like you and me to make an informed decision to join an MLM company or not.

Lack of Transparency

There’s a lot of hidden information on EnerSource’s website. You don’t get to know them until you pay one of their compensation plans. 

You don’t know what your commission rates really are and then of course the no income disclosure.

No Third Party Testing 

There is no mention of any third party testing agency regarding the manufacturing of the products. 

Apparently, a lot of the organics are coming from different parts of the world. There is no mention of soil testing. They say their products are organic, but there is no actual proof. 

✘ Keep Buying Products

If you want to remain an active sales rep and earn commissions, you must purchase products regularly to meet your quota of $99 or 99 BV.

This also means a buildup of inventory if you’re not actively selling your products. 

Complicated Compensation Plans

MLM compensation plans normally are ALWAYS COMPLEX. 

Most sales reps in the MLM industry don’t fully understand how the plan(s) works.  

I searched on YouTube, there is no EnerSource video explaining how their compensation plans works. 

Is EnerSource International a Scam? My Opinion

This company is not a scam because they have actual products. As to their quality, that is unknown because there seems to be no third-party testing agency involved.

Joining them is up to you, and I hope I could give you enough information to make an informed decision. If it was up to me, well… I would not because their site does not give out much information.

You don’t know what the sales reps’ successes are like or not, and perhaps it’s so low the company doesn’t want to share those results.

They don’t even tell you how their compensation plans work in detail and you won’t find that out until you pay to join upfront which I find distasteful. 

I don’t enjoy recruiting and if you’re like me, EnerSource’s business opportunity is not for you.

How We Make Money Online – A BETTER WAY!

By now, you probably already know MLM is not my favourite business model. 

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since December 2015. I work from home now. In fact, I can do this anywhere in the world and sell any product(s) I want. It’s the best business model, and my #1 Recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate marketing training platform.

Here are some reasons to consider doing this:

  • You don’t need to recruit people and or do home parties or anything like that. 
  • You’re not obligated to purchase products.
  • You have no chance of accumulating inventory. No deliveries, no shipping, etc 
  • You’re not stuck with selling just 1 product.

You only need to get the right affiliate marketing training platform and a laptop and internet… that’s it! You don’t even have to be a computer guru.

I’ll be upfront with you… having your own online business will require hard work and dedication. This is not a magic button you push and have someone else do all the work for you. 

If you’re not prepared to work hard, then affiliate marketing is not for you.

Here are some Success Stories I know you will enjoy reading.


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Hey., thanks for reading my review of EnerSource International. I hope you found it helpful.

If you have any questions or comments or if you are a Sales Rep of EnerSource I would like to hear from you. I promise I will get back to you.



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